Saturday, June 18, 2011

Riots and Rainbows

The dust has settled and life has returned to semi-normalcy in Vancouver following Wednesday night’s Stanley Cup defeat and subsequent drunken rampage of doom.

A lot has been said about the post-game riot and the aftermath...about how ashamed we feel of the rioters, about how stupid their behaviours were and how we’d love to see them punished, about how we’d like to all think that we’d never torch a police car and drunkenly loot a London Drugs, but in the right place at the right time with enough alcohol and riotous company we may have done the very same.

I’ve got nothing to say pertaining to the above points that hasn’t been said already and with fewer run-on sentences, so let’s move on to happier thoughts.

The upside of Vancouver’s Stanley Cup Riot!

Yes, there was carnage, and flames, and a few people were stabbed and that one kid is still in critical condition. But, on the other hand, that kissing couple is freaking adorable...

This cuteness would never have happened if it wasn't for car-torching hooligans!

And, in a plus that’s been sadly and inexplicably overlooked by all media coverage to date, these riots were a perfect example of racial inclusion and harmony.

Damn straight.

Look at the photographic evidence: while the rioters were mostly young and male, the crowd could not be more racially diverse. Citizens of every colour joined together to smash and loot...except for black people, because we, um, don’t have many of those.

But we DO have fire.

When was the last time you saw members of such diverse communities, all in one place, all working together towards a common goal? When was the last time you took the time to say to a person of another ethnic background: “would you like to join in with me and throw a burning trash can through the window of this store?”

It's like a diversity rainbow. But with smashing stuff.

We have seen the face of racial inclusion and togetherness. And it’s not a bunch of kids from different countries, holding hands while standing on a crudely drawn globe. It’s these kids, drunk and looting their neighbourhood department store. Which is pretty much the same thing, right?