Saturday, February 19, 2011

In summary

I estudio’ed some serious espaƱol.

An epic case of the grumpy-pants was cured through liberal application of Justin Bieber songs on Glee. It was freaking adorable. And now I have Justin Bieber songs stuck in my head, which makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable and kind of creepy. I am not a pedophile.

A client at work pays me the best compliment ever: “You know who you look like? Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” It may have been a backhanded comment about my hairstyle being a decade out of date but, sir, you have made my day.

Above: Me, apparently! Killing things!

I begin the day by grabbing the wrong keys on my way out the door, and then spending the next half hour locked outside my apartment building, with the dogs, wearing my pajamas, waiting to be let back inside by a neighbour with pity in their heart. It was cold, and I was tired, and it was sad.

I then rushed off across the city to the super important conference I needed to attend, only to find that the location had changed, and that I, along with five other confused and incompetent adults, had failed to get the memo. We eventually arrived (an hour late) at the correct location which, of course, was less than five blocks from my home. Also, it was raining heavily throughout all of the above events. I hate everything.

I spent my Friday evening alone, watching Merlin (of the BBC), eating Haagan Daaz, and doing laundry. This may be the very definition of wasting my youth. That being said, not a bad night.

A five year old daughter of my colleague gave me a belated Valentine’s day card and accompanying Hershey’s Kiss as a thank-you for a random knitted dragon I gave her a month ago. Her cuteness makes me squee with joy.

Also, all of the small children I know are locked in a fierce competition, in my head, for the title of Most Adorable Child Ever. Move over, three year old who introduces himself as Spiderman, we have a new competitor, and she gives out Thank You Valentine’s.

Polite children are adorable. So are yawning hedgehogs.