Friday, June 25, 2010


So, it's been approximately a million years since I've posted on my blog, and with very good reason... I have been internetless in my new apartment ever since I moved in at the start of the month.

Those that know me, or know my blog, are aware that any amount of internet deprivation has been known to send me off the deep end, in terms of mental and personal wellness. Brief hours of internet blackouts will render me in tears and wailing at the skies; days of internet withdrawal will take their toll on not only my physical and mental health, but also that of everyone in my immediate vicinity. I need my internet to live.

Is it an addiction? Maybe. Probably. But it's also a tool which has integrated into every sector of my life...and using tools in was separates us from the aardvarks, people.

So, in order to keep myself sane, I've been stealing internet from work on my lunchbreak and after hours and rocking slowly in the fetal position to make the lambs stop screaming...standard efforts. But finding the time to blog, or even to post blogs that I've written (in my sad, internetless cave of an apartment) has been, I'm sorry.

Shaw, who are Demon Spawn, have promised to install internet in just over a week's time. Then again, they also promised to install internet a week ago, and that didn't happen. I hate Shaw. So, until that time, whether in a week or a year, when I finally can suckle at the teat of the interweb once more, blog posting may be erratic, and that sucks. Mostly, for me.

Love to all, and please enjoy this random quote, acquired this morning on my daily 5-minute commute to work from Vancouver's happening gay district....

"Aw, look at that cute lesbian couple! Wait, no, ew. They're just really unattractive heterosexuals."