Friday, September 4, 2009

But What, Exactly, Do You Do?

I have removed all of the postings from seven different bulletin boards, and then replaced the same postings in a slightly more visually-pleasing pattern.
I have re-alphabetized the alphabetically-ordered names stored in two card index boxes, twice.
I have extended tenuous tendrils towards potential office gossip, so far to no avails.
I have sat, patiently, contemplating my pension plan, and the fact that I’m not really sure what a pension plan is, and that a part of me dies every time I think of myself as a person who thinks about pension plans.
I have played pool and lost.
I have played shuffle board and lost.
I have played scrabble, and would have won, but we didn’t keep score.
And…umm…there were some emails, too.

Four weeks down, forty-one years to go.