Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why I Suck

Apologies to all (former, undoubtedly!) readers...this drought of blog postings has been a shamefully long one, and I am sorry. Unfortunately, I've spent far too much time recently living life, instead of writing about it, and there is absolutely no excuse for that.

However, for those looking for explanation, I present the following list, in order of ascending happiness.

Reasons Why I Suck:

1. A great deal of work angst, set off by one of our participants being murdered and dumped in the Fraser river, compounded by the fact that no one on earth knows how to react when someone they know is murdered, topped off with generalized anxiety of work, and then curled into a fetal position and placed upon my couch for hours on end.

2. My near-assault at work, which was scary and violating and not happy at all (and occurred on the same evening we found out that Lisa had been killed). That evening ended with my coworker and I in tears, talking about PTSD, and vowing to find new jobs. Work, henceforth, has been mildly traumatic.

3. My puppy's case of tonsillitis, which had me spending an entire weekend (and a week's worth of pay) inside my neighborhood veterinarian's office. He's okay now, though.

4. Watching Les Miserables by the Vancouver Arts Club, with my sister. It was an absolutely perfect and beautiful musical depiction of life as large, steaming cesspool of shit.

5. My sister's constant presence in my life this month, which means twice as much laundry, and twice as much cooking, and almost no time left over for me to engage in lengthy discussions with God, my internet audience, or any imaginary figures at all.

6. Also, the general happiness of having my sister around has been very much a distracting force. Stupid joyous chaos.

7. Trying to figure out my schedule in general, which is the source of several headaches and possibly one ulcer, as I juggle around my non-social life and my many other non-exploits, because of...

8. Getting hired into a full-time position for the company that I love working for, in a position that is stable and safe and generally far, far happier than my present posting, and pays more, and...

9. My God. I work a 9-5 job, with a pension plan. I could theoretically be defined as an adult. And I could work here until retirement at 65, I guess. Oh sweet jesus.

10. And...puppies.