Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inner Rage

Things I Hate With An Anger so Intense that You'd Think I Was Being Sarcastic, But I'm Not. I Really, Really Hate These Things. Grrrrrrrr.

13. Headaches
12. My own incompetence at life.
11. Aphids
10. Ants who farm aphids and drink the sap excreted from their bums and thus turn my poor spinach yellow and sad
9. Rain
8. Cold (anything less than 25 degrees....or Vancouver, always)
7. Public transit
6. Biking up a hill
5. The fact that I live on top of a hill and therefore always, when coming home, have to bike up a giant hill
4. The fact that no grocery store nearby carries the yogurt I like...and then I always forget, until I go to the dairy aisle, and I don't see it there, and then I remember and am sad.
3. Stupid people.
2. Uncaring people.
1. Ugh. Everything.