Monday, March 30, 2009

Tales of a Me Who Cries at Work

4:15 I love work! It is sunny! I am so happy to be here…it’s going to be such a great night! Life is a wonderful adventure full of meaningful connections with interesting people!

4:30 My coworker seems stressed out, but that’s okay! I am in a great mood, nothing can bring me down!

4:45 I’ve gotten all of my prep work done for opening at six, because I rock! Now I will help butter bread in the kitchen.

5:00 I just cut my finger on a butter knife, through gloves! That’s not good! I’m a klutz, but that’s okay, cause it’s sunny outside and I’m in a good mood.

5:15 Okay…still buttering bread…no volunteers have arrived. Coworkers are all stressed out or sick, and no other work is getting done. Oh my god…we’re not going to be okay. There’s so much to be done in the kitchen. We open in 45 minutes. How are we going to do this? MOTHER FUCKER! OW! I just cut myself again and it really freaking hurts.

5:30 I HATE LIFE! I HATE EVERYTHING! Sob…sob…sob…Why is life such a cruel joke? How do you cut yourself so painfully when all that you have it a butter knife? Why am I freaking out and crying? Why am I here?! Oh god…so much to do…must get act together!

5:45 Oh. Six volunteers have arrived now. The kitchen work is all getting done. I am the most stressed out person here. Well, I feel stupid now…why am I so stupid? Why do I freak out over the smallest of things? Gahhhd.

6:00 Sure, I’ll go talk to that woman who has a history of emotional outbursts that turn violent, in order to tell her that she needs to be banned from the centre! That is certainly a good idea! I am so on it tonight!

And that is the story of how I cried at work. Three freaking times, which is a personal record. I clearly deserve an award.